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Aerial View of Jeddore Lodge


Henry and Marie are the proud new owners of Jeddore Lodge, hailing from an island in the Indian Ocean, they decided to immigrate to Canada with their two daughters Sarah & Alicia in 2018 and are now new Canadian citizens. They took over the lodge in 2022 and decided to settle in scenic Nova Scotia also known as “Canada’s Ocean  Playground”.

The Jeddore family

Henry is a professional architect from Marseille, France who specialized in property development and investment whilst Marie worked in the administration and finance fields. They are real estate investors who for over 20 years have dipped their toes into property development, architecture, real estate, interior design, contracting, importation and exportation of construction materials and investments. They have also over 8 years of experience in hosting guests through bed and breakfast or lodge and cabins businesses in various countries.


Moving from a tropical island they originally settled in Toronto then Niagara Falls but whilst on a family trip across the maritime provinces, their hearts settled on Nova Scotia.


That’s where they found Jeddore Lodge and Cabins, a great waterfront lodge located on Highway 7, a good midpoint between Halifax and Cape Breton. Being only 45 minutes away from Halifax and the international airport, the family imagined themselves hosting tired travellers in their humble Lodge and 10 cabins. Their goal was to offer them a restful stay amidst nature as the lodge is surrounded by mountains, the Salmon River and the Jeddore Harbour with an amazing sunrise. They hope that the rustic style of the lodge will allow their estimated guests to feel like they are returning to simpler things and that they will always feel welcomed.

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